Communication Skills Workshops & Coaching

Workshops Vs. Private Coaching. When our two day workshop is recommended:


Managing nerves

We’ll take you through progressive exercises that reveal your strengths.  As you present to partners and the entire room, you’ll gain confidence for more challenging exercises. You’ll see that you can manage your nerves and even speak without notes! There is nothing like speaking in front of a group to simulate the challenges of actual presentations. 

One on one coaching can’t replicate this.  

Working within a supportive group is the 

fastest way to conquer nervousness.  

Stretching toward greater executive presence: 

On day 2 you’ll be offered a chance to try new habits. They will feel strange to you.  Participants often find it hard to trust our coaching when they’re trying something brand new. Being videotaped is an option  but we’ve also found that the group is a terrific support. They will confirm that your new approach is working. 

Learning the art of storytelling

While our facilitation is super, there is nothing like the group mind to increase learning exponentially. Partners help each other discover and refine their stories. As we speak before the group we’ll see how the story “lands” (or doesn’t land) with the group. 

Organizing a presentation

As our exercises become more complex, the group continues to help each other by asking good questions and confirming when a speech is working or not. While our facilitators are experts, confidence increases 

when everyone in the group agrees 

that something works (or doesn’t). 

For those outside of Chicago and when private coaching is the answer:


For experienced speakers, especially those that aren’t nervous, one on one coaching works well. We can tweak your presentation content, organization, and delivery. 

If you aren't in the Chicago area,   

using Skype is a great way to practice together.  We will be able to analyze your verbal and nonverbal habits.


We've found that even very experienced speakers can benefit from revisiting the basics in front of a group that offers additional feedback and support. 

Are you a speaker dependent on PowerPoint? Would you be nervous to give up using PowerPoint? Our methods will free you to be more spontaneous and conversational. Group exercises will help you practice many more stories and impromptu strategies than simple coaching allows. 

If you can, consider joining us for a group class in Chicago or we can come to your location.  We are conveniently located near O'Hare airport and public transportation.


"When you're intimidated by something like public speaking, it's so easy to feel alone--which just compounds the anxiety. But meeting you guys and being reminded that many of us are in the same boat--and more importantly--that it's something we are working to overcome was a big part of what I took away from this experience.

Thanks for your bravery. I found you all inspiring."

Ron S

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