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Our Experience

Laura Lewis-Barr offers acclaimed public speaking courses.  Laura taught Fearless Presentations for many years with The Leaders Institute in Minneapolis, MN.

Laura Lewis-Barr and associates have been exploring authenticity on theatre stages and corporate boardrooms for 20 years. We specialize in helping executives and staff communicate their ideas with humor, vitality, and presence. An award-winning writer, Laura is practiced in the art of storytelling and often coaches on perfecting stories to inspire, motivate, and persuade others. She has worked with managers from Chase Bank, Thomson Reuters, Dow Chemical, AOL, Toyota, and many other large and small companies. 

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Why Us?

Training4Breakthroughs public speaking workshops are fun and interactive.  Laura taught Fearless Presentations for many years with The Leaders Institute in Minneapolis, MN.

Laura and her associates use their backgrounds in theatre and psychology

 to create entertaining and powerful public speaking classes. 

  • We understand the science behind mental blocks and nervousness.  
  • We are experts in Emotional Intelligence and integrate current research into all our coaching.  
  • We teach research-based methods of storytelling.  
  • We use our decades of experience training actors to help you enhance your voice, gestures, posture, body language. 
  • We will help you find your own style and your unique brand of executive presence.  
  • Our maximum class size - 10 students. 

We are dedicated toward your success. 


Coming Home to the Windy City

Training4Breakthroughs presentation skills training creates lasting change.  Laura taught Fearless Presentations for many years with The Leaders Institute in Minneapolis, MN.

After leaving college teaching, Laura worked with some of the world's most respected corporate training companies.  Now, after more than a decade on the road,  Laura LB is ready to spend more time in her beloved Chicago.  Join her for one of her acclaimed public speaking classes. Laura's many years of experience, and her passion for training others guarantees that you will not only love her class but find it life-changing.


After training thousands of participants 

we can guarantee --

in two days, you will be transformed.   Whether preparing for an important business presentation, or interviewing for your next position, isn't it time to invest in yourself? You can be a compelling and confident speaker who motivates and inspires others.  

Start today to develop this important leadership skill.   

Group Discounts Available 

for all Workshops.  

Additional Discounts When You 

Bring Laura to Your Site.  

For periodic public speaking tips and offers

Invest in Yourself, Guaranteed Results

The Art of Dynamic Speaking Executive Package $1259


The Art of Dynamic Speaking Two Day class $859


Just published!

Training4Breakthroughs new book on public speaking coaching also helps with career interviews.  Laura taught Fearless Presentations for many years with The Leaders Institute in Minneapolis, MN.

A workbook to prep stories for career growth


Topics include: 

•Customizing stories for different parts of our employment search. •Understanding the power of stories. 

•Finding interview stories. 

•Speech Training

•Crafting our stories. 

•Understanding story structure. 

•Examples and best practices on how to deliver our own stories. 

•How to tackle tough questions. 

•Dealing with nerves. 

•List of behavioral questions

•And much more. 


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Training locally in the Chicago area near O'Hare 

and traveling throughout the U.S. as a keynote speaker and trainer 

offering communication skills and public speaking workshops.


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