Info and Fun - Videos on Public Speaking & Communication

Got Fear?

This 1.5 minute edit from a fun old training video comically dramatizes the pain of stage fright. At Training 4 Breakthroughs we've never met anyone without some fear from time to time. It is normal! And fears can be managed. 

Wake up Your Audience. This fun video of animals shocked by something they see is my reminder to you. Don't repeat your ideas over and over. Start a story without explaining that you're going to tell a story. Don't hand out your slides at the beginning of your presentation. In other words, try to create some drama in your presentation so your audience feels a little like this. (But in a good way.). 

Very funny reminder of why meeting people in person is worth it.

Our minds always create stories. This wonderful film reminds me that our mind prefers stories and we will create them whenever we can throughout our day. Using storytelling and keeping our concepts understandable (simple isn't easy!) will please any audience .  What story does your mind create from this simple animation?

Great example of corporate storytelling. We identify with the lonely travelers and then share their triumph when they overcome their reticence and join together. The story follows a single moment which makes it more powerful than a complicated corporate story that takes place over many segments.  

Some very true ideas about Powerpoint, mixed with lots of fun.

Let's Simplify Our Language and Make it Easy on Our Audience.

A technique to make your presentations more impactful and lively.

A moment of fun while considering what to wear for your upcoming presentation.

What should I wear for my presentation?

Let's never forget the power of a smile to build rapport with our audience.

Don't let your presentation sound like this!

Fantastic summary of storytelling best practices.  This Ted talk lists all the elements of great stories. I'd add that business length stories need to be short. Wish he had told some of his own stories here.

Emotional Intelligence reminders for these times.  Shifting our mindset is a daily practice. Josh Freedman from 6 seconds shares resesarch-based ways to lower stress, increase our abilities, and help each other.