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Improving Communication Deck for emotional intelligence in t


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Six  years in the making! Developed from Laura's many years of coaching  adults in emotional intelligence and the practical uses of positive  psychology.    

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Improving  Communication at Work -- 52 Tips, Techniques, and Tools to Build  Emotional Intelligence -- A Card Deck for Workers, Managers, and Teams.

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6 Trust-Building Reminder Decks, $12 each. Shipping and Handling included.


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These  small decks reflect on what words and actions we can say and do to  build trust at work or home.  Keep these at your desk, on your  dashboard, in a purse or wallet.  Each deck contains 18 plastic-covered  cards.

8  Reminder Cards display ideas for building trust with others.  9 Best  Practice cards include sample dialogue that can help us reflect on words  and phrases that build trust.  One title card.

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Dressing to remember emotional intelligence

While working on a project on the johari window I began imagining emotional intelligence insights in clothing. I'm imagining an entire team wearing these for a meeting or an event.  I like the visual reminder of what I see and what I don't! 


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Online Coaching Session


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Buy for yourself or someone you love.  

We have over 15 years of coaching adults in: 

  • delivering dynamic presentations
  • communicating difficult messages at work (or home)
  • managing emotions
  • time management
  • assertiveness
  • best practices for managers
  • projecting presence
  • developing empathy
  • inspiring others
  • storytelling
  • interviewing skills
  • building rapport