Public Speaking Workshops - St. Louis, MO

Inspire and motivate your clients, teams, community.

Small startups, nonprofits, and larger companies bring Laura to teach public speaking workshops at their location.   aura has worked with many companies in Missouri including RGA Reinsurance, Monsanto, Crowne Castle, and others.

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We can customize! Let's talk about your needs. We can create interactive lunch-n-learns, half day, full day, or 2-day agendas to fit your needs and audience.

Public Speaking Training - St. Louis, MO

Our classes are interactive for all learning styles.


I have learned so much from you and I really appreciate all your advice!

Seeing my video is definitely helpful. Although I still have a lot of weaknesses in public speaking, now I know where to start and what needs to be improved. Thanks for teaching me the wonderful tips. I will recommend this class to my peers.

-Xia L

Learning is deep with lots of time for coaching.


 Laura was amazing! Would recommend this to anyone who is involved in public speaking. 

- Melode R.

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