Public Speaking Workshops - Minneapolis, MN

Inspire and motivate your clients, teams, community.

Small startups, nonprofits, and larger companies bring Laura to teach public speaking workshops at their location.  Laura has worked with many companies in Minneapolis, including: GlaxoSmithKlein, Thomson Reuters, Country Financial, and others.

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We can customize! Let's talk about your needs. We can create interactive lunch-n-learns, half day, full day, or 2-day agendas to fit your needs and audience.

Public Speaking Training - Minneapolis, MN

Our classes are interactive for all learning styles.


 What and who I am going to be is all up to me, but even the most successful business professionals lose their way and fall victim of bad habits. What Laura gave to me was a clear focus on what were my downfalls, how to identify them, address them in the moment and to work more efficiently through them. Being in sales for years I have been through my share of motivational speakers and what I really liked about Laura was what she provided. It wasn’t just feel good words, but rather a road map to being successful through good time management. She doesn’t just make it sound easy but when you leave her you are truly convinced it is easy… and really it is. She was a very engaging, approachable and a wonderful professional trainer/ instructor.

--Elisa Estock

Learning is deep with lots of time for coaching.


 This past week I attended a public speaking training held by Laura Lewis-Barr. What a wonderful course it was getting you out of your comfort zone and being confident with the presenter you truly are! 

-- Amy S.

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