Public Speaking Workshops - Columbus, OH

Inspire and motivate your clients, teams, community.

Small startups, nonprofits, and larger companies bring Laura to teach public speaking workshops at their location.  Laura has worked with many companies in Columbus, OH, including Towne Park, Stryker, Express Inc,  and others.

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We can customize! Let's talk about your needs. We can create interactive lunch-n-learns, half day, full day, or 2-day agendas to fit your needs and audience.

Public Speaking Training - Columbus, Ohio

Our classes are interactive for all learning styles.


I have worked with Laura in the past and her students love her because she is compassionate and understands the need to help overcome public speaking fear. You will not be disappointed if you sign up!  -- Ann Marie Gordon

Learning is deep with lots of time for coaching.


 I took an impactful two day in-person seminar in public speaking with Laura. She created a challenging yet fun class where our group learned storytelling and how to organize and present our material without notes. Our session was video recorded, and we had an opportunity to review our styles and learn from ourselves with Laura's great guidance. I felt like a much better public speaker at the end of the two days, and I was able to implement my learnings in the opportunities I encountered later. Laura was enthusiastic and really helpful at giving feedback and encouragement.  

--Demir D

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