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Facilitation, seminars, workshops, emotional intelligence, team building, manager training, conflict

Using Emotional Intelligence Skills to Survive and Thrive  During Tough Conversations.

Prepare yourself to face difficult conversations with  courage and confidence.  Discover best practices in preparation and delivery of challenging   content. 

Participants will:

Explore how basic Emotional Intelligence concepts of self-awareness, empathy, triggers, and hijacking can help or hinder us during emotional conversations.  

Recognize the many benefits of not avoiding, but  instead “leaning into” challenging conversations.  

Understand and practice a proven 3-part method for  conducting difficult conversations to produce good outcomes.

Explore different delivery habits that help and  hinder communication including observation vs. evaluation, and owning  vs. projecting a message.

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Laura Lewis-Barr speaks about emotional intelligence.  Conference, association speaker.  Acclaimed

Laura  Lewis-Barr specializes in helping executives and staff  communicate  their ideas with humor, vitality, and presence. An award-winning   writer, Laura is practiced in the art of storytelling and often coaches  on  perfecting stories to inspire, motivate, and persuade others. 

Laura’s other specialty is emotional intelligence. Her  recent publication,  Improving  Communication at Work – 52 Tips, Techniques, and Tools to  Build Emotional  Intelligence – A Card Deck for Workers, Managers, and  Teams comes from her  many years of coaching adults in emotional intelligence and the practical uses  of positive psychology. 

Laura  began graduate studies in Counseling Psychology but  eventually  returned to the theatre and earned a Masters Degree in Performing  Arts. Laura  continues to study depth psychology, facilitation,  and process work.   

With  a passion for learning, Laura brings a wide range of talents  into her  presentations.  Her previous roles (as an actress, theatre  director,  and award-winning playwright), bring vitality and play into her  presentations.  

When not training, Laura writes plays, screenplays, and  sometimes directs  movies, plays, or retreat events. Her film "Cloistered  Honey" was an  official selection three film  festivals and is now available through Amazon videos.  Laura's plays are  published  and distributed  through  YouthPlays and Heartland Plays. 


 Laura, her husband Rick, and their sweet terrier Reggie, live in the  Chicago suburbs.  They all love camping, hiking, gardening, and going to  outdoor concerts. When indoors, Laura’s voracious reading habit keeps  her current on emerging brain science, new research in psychology,  futurist thought, and new training methodologies.