Just published!

Want to get a headstart on working with a coach for your interview prep?  

Or just want to practice on your own?  

This new workbook details our approach and the research behind it. 

Topics include:  
•Customizing stories for different parts of our employment search.
•Understanding the power of stories.
•Finding interview stories.
•Crafting our stories.
•Understanding story structure.
•Examples and best practices on how to deliver our own stories.  
•How to tackle tough questions.
•Dealing with nerves.
•List of behavioral questions  
•And much more. 

Powerful Workshops to Transform your Skills

Storytelling for Career -- New jobs or promotions!


Stories are key to articulating your worth. 

Our coaching sessions will help you craft stories that highlight your skills, knowledge, and experience. Then you'll learn to deliver these stories brilliantly. Stories help us remember what we know and we can practice these until they are rock solid. Also, current research says that stories persuade and inspire your listener better than any other type of language. 

You can read more on this research in my article here. 

Also, check out my just published workbook that details my approach and research behind it.  


2 day Master Class - Become a Dynamic Presenter

9-3pm two consecutive Saturdays. 

Special pricing includes "Learning to Love Public Speaking" topics.

Topics for day one:

· Leveraging your nervousness

· Storytelling – the premiere skill! 

· Analyzing verbal and nonverbal habits.

· Improvising on the spot. 

· Learning to make a persuasive pitch. 

· Working with powerpoint.

· Adding dynamic power verbally and nonverbally.

Topics for day two

· Organizing your material

· Working without powerpoint.

· Delivering your speeches for feedback. 

· Exploring your own style. 

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One day class - Learning to Love Public Speaking

9-2pm select Saturdays

· Tips for nervousness

· Storytelling --the premiere skill!  

· Analyzing verbal and nonverbal habits.


I've been working with stories all my life, as a writer, keynote speaker, and public speaking coach. Come explore the power of YOUR stories.

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For more testimonials visit here and also Laura's linkedin page

For more testimonials visit here and also Laura's LinkedIn page.  I could meet more people of her enthusiasm; the world would be better place!  Thanks, Paul       

Paul Sichau, CM (RSES), NATE, DSG. 

Technical Training Coordinator (Technical Trainer / Support- Inside Sales) 

Hi Laura, thank you for a great two-days- you are a great teacher! I fully enjoyed the learning and growth and feel like I made good friends.   My best, Joe

Joe Fiorenza,  AIA, MHA

Sr. Director Corp Construction Operations

Great class.  I’m inspired by all of the positive reinforcement and the quick connection we established.

All the best. Sandra Moore  PMO Specialist

When you're intimidated by something like public speaking, it's so easy to feel alone--which just compounds the anxiety. But meeting you guys and being reminded that many of us are in the same boat--and more importantly--that it's something  we are working to overcome was a big part of what I took away from this experience.
Thanks for your bravery. I found you all inspiring.   Thanks,  Ron Stempkowski