Download the impact map below.

The map is designed to help clarify the goals of EI training or coaching, including the specific skills targeted and uses of these skills on the job. It is a tool that can be used in several ways: 

  • to keep my own training designs focused
  • to help anyone explain/understand the value of this training
  • to help managers both explain the value to their staff (pre-training)
  • to monitor/support the growth of these skills over time (post training). 


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We have over 15 years of coaching adults in:

  • delivering dynamic presentations
  • communicating difficult messages at work (or home)
  • managing emotions
  • time management
  • assertiveness
  • best practices for managers
  • projecting presence
  • developing empathy
  • inspiring others
  • storytelling
  • interviewing skills
  • building rapport

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