Sample of Laura's most popular workshops and keynotes.

Communicating Well with Difficult Customers


This interactive workshop teaches concrete techniques to defuse customer anger. Participants will learn ways to calm customers and avoid behaviors or language that might escalate conflict. 

Managing Emotions to Drive Change


It is estimated that over 70% of change initiatives in organizations do not yield the results that are needed. There are many reasons for these failures; one key reason is the lack of preparation for and skill with the human-side of change. Great strategies fail when managers don’t create buy-in or execute the change in an emotionally intelligent way.  

Having Difficult Conversations at Work


By discovering how we can deliver messages in a way that feels positive, we will be less likely to avoid them in the future. Preparing and delivering a needed conversation is vital to resolving conflicts and other workplace challenges.

Mindful Ways to Reduce Stress

Speaker and trainer on emotional intelligence.

In this interactive workshop we can first identify current stressors in our life and explore self-care strategies. We will then experiment with a meditation practice called MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction). MBSR was first developed and researched in 1979 at the UMass Medical Center Stress Reduction Clinic.  Our Business and management consultants are happy to talk about this and other offerings.

Improving Our Listening

Emotional intelligence speaker and trainer.

Poor listening can affect morale, engagement, productivity, and teamwork. The good news is that listening well is a skill that can be developed. In this fun, interactive session we will identify barriers to listening, assess our own listening skills, explore pre-listening best practices and practice components of active listening.

Building Rapport Rapidly

Speaker and trainer for conferences.

Whether speaking to groups or individuals, learn techniques to help build rapport more quickly on first meetings or in situations where we don't "click" with others.  Whether communicating with frustrated customers or co-workers, understanding the psychology of rapport can help us smooth rougher communications.

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