Fun explorations, with light or deep learning objectives.

Team building events

Hands on fun

Activities to explore innovative thinking, creativity, and communication habits.  Call Laura now to talk about your goals and our proven tools.  

Team building events

Play makes learning stick.

Use legos to explore business realities.  Take time together to laugh and talk about what's important to you.

Team building events

Games that lead to greater connection

Explore emotional intelligence through improvisation, or solve a survival challenge to reveal team dynamics.  Always fun.  Always informative.  

Team building exercises

Become aware of nonverbal behaviors

Are your nonverbals helping or hindering connection?  Learn proven ways to increase connection in this FUN workshop.

Team building exercises

Listening workshops

Fun activities to discover listening traps and improve listening.

Storytelling and team building

Share team stories.

Learn to share better stories to motivate and inspire.  A fun way to build your corporate brand and your team's cohesion.

Philanthropic Team Building

We are now partnering with The Leaders Institute to offer philanthropic team building events.  Whether donating bicycles, teddy bears, or canned goods, call now to see how your team can have fun and give back to the community.