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Laura has over 15 years of coaching adults in:

  • delivering dynamic presentations
  • communicating difficult messages at work (or home)
  • managing emotions
  • time management
  • assertiveness
  • best practices for managers
  • projecting presence
  • developing empathy
  • inspiring others
  • storytelling
  • interviewing skills
  • building rapport

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75 minutes coaching on phone or skype. .


For more information on Laura's coaching, see her new publication. "Improving Communication at Work" (info above).

New workshops!

Use Personal Stories at Work to Motivate, Persuade, and inspire.

EI & Improv:

Use fun, structured activities to explore thoughts, habits, and self-talk.  Increase creativity and improve communication


Want some basic info on Emotional Intelligence for Business?  Check out my interview with the Daily Herald's Business Ledger.  You can download it here.  I'm on page 36



Are you ready to improve communication at work?

A New Publication From

(Award-Winning Writer)


Improving Communication at Work –

52 Tips, Techniques, and Tools to Build Emotional Intelligence –

A Card Deck for Workers, Managers, and Teams


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Programs for Business

Programs By Topic

Team building with The Leaders Institute


Does your team need training or facilitation? 

Sometimes a group doesn’t need new skills, they need to overcome obstacles within the team dynamic.  Facilitators use proven processes that can change perceptions and behaviors. Call Laura for more info on how facilitation might work for your needs.

A full day of ideas.  A wonderful facilitation event.

Public speaking is fun.

Public speaking is fun!




Laura is now partnering with The Leaders Institute to offer philanthropic team building events.  Call for more information on how your team can have fun and give back to the community. 

Team building while building bikes.


A popular workshop:

Using Emotional Intelligence Skills to Survive and Thrive During Tough Conversations.

Prepare yourself to face difficult conversations with courage and confidence. Discover best practices in preparation and delivery of challenging content.

Participants will:

  • Explore how basic Emotional Intelligence concepts of self-awareness, empathy, triggers, and hijacking can help or hinder us during emotional conversations. 
  • Recognize the many benefits of not avoiding, but instead “leaning into” challenging conversations. 
  • Understand and practice a proven 3-part method for conducting difficult conversations to produce good outcomes.
  • Explore different delivery habits that help and hinder communication including observation vs. evaluation, and owning vs. projecting a message.

When Laura isn't offering corporate training, she leads retreats and workshops that explore psychology, spirituality, and theatre.  Read More.








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