What People Are Saying...

Laura, I thoroughly enjoyed the session this morning - especially when we had to put ourselves on the spot! 

Nancy Baldwin

VP, Human Resources/IR

Nanophase Technologies Corporation

Thank you so much for your presentation today.  I found it very informative and eye opening.  I shared the premise with our Facility Manager and would like to share it with my peers across the country. 


Jaqi TerHAAR | HR Generalist | Menlo Worldwide

I liked a lot of aspects of the training. Laura gave background information about how the brain works and develops habits and how we can control our emotions. 

Lindsay Steele
Lab Assistant/Safety Technician, Monsanto Company.

Batavia Parent Academy would like to thank you for participating in our 2010 programming.  There were many positive comments from parents, teachers and administrators.  We wish you continued success.

                  Jan Wright, Associate Superintendent of Teaching and Learning


  • "Dynamic! Laura opened my mind to the idea of pattern identity. Great job!"
  • "Gave good illustrations of emotional intelligence and exercises were pertinent to her salient points, great energy."
  • "Vibrant, enthusiastic with great information. The exercises demonstrate good points."
  • "Laura is knowledgeable, heart felt, sincere and warm. I loved the active participation!"
  • "This seminar was instrumental in getting me back on track, both professionally and personally. Sometimes we need to slow down and take note of where we are and how we are impacting all the people we connect with daily. This truly was a wonderful way of doing that. Thank you!"

Evaluation comments from day-long emotional intelligence workshop for care-givers sent by Tanya Sutton, CSW
Director, Crown Point Village Assisted Living

Laura has done two training programs at Sargento this year. Both have been well presented and well received. She demonstrates a mastery of her topic, excellent facilitation skills, and the ability to be flexible with her material. She puts people at ease and relates to everyone in a very genuine manner.

David S. Newkirk 

Organizational Development Director

Sargento Foods Inc.

“Laura Lewis-Barr is the complete package when it comes to training. She has the knowledge, enthusiasm and creativity to deliver the product while exuding a warmth and connection to participants that makes it delightful to learn and participate in her training sessions. She definitely leaves her "students" wanting more!”

Deb Keisler  Director, Massage Therapy Program, Elgin Community College

“Laura is creative and generates great ideas to support our needs. She is the go to person for business personnel development.”

Joann Reynolds, Schleifring Medical Corporation

Here are comments regarding a 6 session Leadership training I offered through Elgin Community College for Kathy Keblis, Human Resources Manager, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions-Streamwood.

I consider Laura Lewis-Barr's workshop, "Dynamic Presentations for Women" a day well spent. Although I am not a beginner, I had begun to have doubts about my speaking style and questioned other's perceptions of my presentations. I felt Laura challenged us with several excercises and I left with some good feedback and renewed confidence. I recommend this workshop whether you are new to public speaking or just need a refresher.

Sandy Babin
Vice President of Marketing
Apple Vacations

I really like the fact that this makes us put everyday situations into different ways of looking at them.

The self-reflection and sharing of personal experiences brings new insights. Very helpful.

The classes are very informative, reflective and can be applied.  Enjoyable!!

I love the ways Laura presents and her overall kindness.

Video clips are helpful and well chosen and add a deeper dimension to the discussions.

I really appreciate the fact that Laura gives everyone the opportunity to be heard!

Notes from participants of 4 part EI program, Pingree Grove Charter School, delivered via Diane Schael

I found Laura to be a thoughtful and insightful emotional intelligence facilitator. She has a wonderful ability to tie seemingly dissimilar audience contributions into a cohesive presentation that benefits diverse participants. I would definitely attend another of her workshops.

Kathy Meisinger,
Career Development Specialist
Elgin Community College

The Hampshire Area Chamber of Commerce was proud to have Laura Lewis-Barr speak to our chamber members. Not only was Laura willing to speak on a topic that we requested, she presented it with high enthusiasm. Her presentation helped members reinforce how to strenghten customer satisfaction and loyalty. We received many positive comments, and would recommend her to any organization.

Stacey Ekstrom
Executive Director
Hampshire Chamber of Commerce

Being the facilitator of several large meetings each month with varying audience types and sizes I enrolled in Laura’s Dynamic Speaking class looking to enhance my speaking skills. My expectations for learning were low considering the frequency of my speaking and current skill. However I learned much that I could put in to practice to enhance my speaking skills and habits. I highly recommend this course to the novice as well as the semi-experienced speaker. Since taking this class I have sent several of my subordinates to enhance their speaking skills with similar results. It was great to take a class that was so immediately beneficial.

Jim Garrett
Area Manager
Colonial Cafes

As a new Program Director, I found myself in the position of trying to manage a staff that had had the same Director for many years. There was much distrust and fear of me and my management style. Laura’s Emotional Intelligence seminar helped me see that the deeply held beliefs of this staff could be managed with patience and understanding. Additionally, I was able to get a better handle on where some of my attitudes and reactions were coming from.

Kathleen Callahan
Program Director
Community Based Job Training Grant
Elgin Community College

Thanks so much for your inspiring and thought provoking presentation last night. It planted some seeds for me and clarified things in a way that strengthens my resolve to live out my truth. So your ife is having ripples that affect my life.

I appreciated the affirming message you gave last night on asking ourselves what we care about and then doing more of it. Also, I really liked your exercises and materials.
Blessings on you and your work.

Bob Skrocki
Men’s Group--DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church

Things are going very well and, coincidentally, I just had my first speaking event last since taking your class and it went very well. I remembered to speak louder and I engaged my audience considerably better given the guidance that you provided. I'm very proud to say that your class has significantly contributed toward improving not only my self confidence in speaking events but in presenting in general. I should mention that both Kelly and I very much enjoyed the class and got a lot out of it and have recommended the course to friends one of which happens to be in sales who is looking toward improving their presentation skills.

I wanted to take this moment to share my gratitude with you. I enjoyed the Delivering Dynamic Presentations class very much and left the session illuminated. Your background and experience lent well toward providing me the necessary guidance and confidence toward taking the next step in delivering effective presentations.

As I shared with you previously my work as a consultant requires me to provide at times spur of the moment presentations which has proven to be a considerable challenge for me. Given the context of some of my technology heavy material that I must present, I believe one of the biggest hurdles in presenting this material was to make it interesting and engaging. After completing your course I now have the necessary tools and confidence toward bridging that gap and providing material to my clients that is now far more engaging and I have you to thank for it!

I thank you for providing the tools and guidance. I strongly believe that you have enabled me to take a much more confident role in any direction which I may take in the future.

Thank you again!
Richard Perez
Security & Architecture Practice Manager