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Dynamic Speaking Programs--Presentation Skills Training, PowerPoint Coaching

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Are you expressing your full potential? Can you present your ideas with charisma and flair?

Excellent public speaking skills will bring you more money, more respect, and more chances at advancement.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to public speaking, Laura’s programs offer fresh and exciting information to help you achieve peak performance. Laura has a multitude of techniques (from her M.A in Theatre and over 15 years of working with performers) to help speakers master the emotional, physical, and psychological challenges of public speaking.

Laura’s extensive experience as a performer and director help her analyze and fine-tune a wide range of non-verbal behaviors including: posture, inflection, articulation, projection, gesture and many others. Laura’s work as a professor and communications consultant has honed her skills organizing and evaluating speech content.

Emotional Intelligence Programs

“Emotional intelligence may be the best predictor of success in life."
Time Magazine

Leaders or team members who are weak in Emotional Intelligence (EI) may rely on intellectual analysis for problem solving and miss important nuances. They are often confused about what drives them and surprised by the reactions of others.

Without EI we may be unaware of how our feelings are spreading to others and driving performance up or down.

EI topics and benefits to the workplace:

  • Developing Emotional Literacy can increase productivity.
  • Recognizing emotional patterns can lead to better communication and less conflict.
  • Learning techniques of “consequential thinking” can help develop leaders and teams.
  • Brain science and research into the “reaction cycle” can help us navigate emotions.
  • EI can offer insight into our deepest sources of motivation.
  • Training in optimism can help workers be healthier, better problem-solvers, and more productive.
  • Developing empathy can produce a happier and more productive workplace.

Laura is now certified to deliver the TESI assessment!

The TESI® Report provides a display with numerous graphs and descriptions of the current levels of emotional and social functioning in the team,  The report offers unique insights and suggests ways for understanding current strengths and weakness of the team and to strategically choose where to enhance team skills.  

Use the TESI to:

  • Enhance your understanding of your team’s dynamics

  • Pinpoint training needs
  • Provide data to support deeper discussions about and within the team

  • Measure the impact of a training workshop—6 months, 1 year, or more after the event

I’d love to talk with you further about this great assessment tool.  See a sample graph. 


Other Business Topics

Bring this exciting program to your workplace.  

ExpressYour Potential!

Emotional Intelligence and Improvisation –Using Structured Activities to Harness a Creative Mindset and Improve Communication. 

  • Could your team benefit from improved listening skills?
  • Would you like to improve confidence, resiliency, and problem solving skills?
  • Ready to explore a more creative mindset?


Structured games are fun and effective for exploring hidden thinking traps that prevent effective communication and squash creative thinking.  By the end of this workshop you will have new tools to:

    • Strengthen confidence to handle sudden changes at work (or home).
    • Enhance poise and begin eliminating performance anxiety (of any kind).
    • Recognize negative self-talk and replace it with resiliency.
    • Enhance focus and concentration when confronted with challenges.
    • Listen more fully to others. 

Join us for a revitalizing workshop that combines insights from Emotional Intelligence and Improvisation theories.