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Linda RobetsCommunicating Doors Director Linda Roberts

Over the past twenty years, Linda Roberts has directed Shadowlands, Niedecker, The Sisters Rosensweig, and Getting Out as well as numerous one-acts and several children’s shows for the Theatre of Western Springs, and Expectations, Eleemosynary (Sun Publications "One of the Best Community Theatre Plays of 1995"), and Standing On My Knees (Sun Publications "Best Community Theatre Play of 1993") for Glen Ellyn's Village Theatre Guild.

Ms. Roberts has presented more than 12,000 performances as a professional puppeteer in the past thirty-five years. In 1982 she founded Roberts Marionettes and, as its Artistic Director, adapts, directs, and produces theatre for young audiences.

As a member of the Joseph Jefferson Awards Committee, she has judged more than 600 Chicago theatre productions in the past five years.

Inspirare (Latin) from in- + spirare to breathe -- archaic: to infuse (as life) by breathing.
Inspiration -- the act of drawing in; specifically: the drawing of air into the lungs, the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions, breathing-in divine energies. · Updated January 15, 2006