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Laura is available for retreats, experiential workshops, and customized presentations. 

When not presenting business topics, Laura offers programs that explore psychology and spirituality using theatre techniques. 

Laura has a Masters Degree in Performing Arts from San Francisco State University. She is also a Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Certified trainer and a certified trainer through Development Dimensions International.

Chicago area monthly workshops exploring creativity and spirituality.  We'd love to have you join us.  For more info and to register click here.

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Workshop topics:

(these can be customized to stand alone or combined into different retreat programs)

Using improv and theatre games for personal--spiritual exploration.

Improvisational games are fun and effective vehicles for helping us experience the present moment and our relation to it.   They are also lots of fun.  We’ll do easy movement exercises and games that explore our voices.  We’ll explore ways to disengage the critical inner voice and enter a more spontaneous, child-like play.  We’ll investigate new physical, vocal, and imaginative frontiers. 


Exploring the archetypes of hero and shadow using theatre methods.

Using meditation, movement and theatre games we explore our inner hero and shadow.

Exploring Folklore,  Fairytales,  and our own Mythic Journey.
The German fairy tale The Three Languages explores the hero’s journey, our connection to animals, and our own instincts. Using storytelling, meditation, role-playing, and discussion, we enter the story on a deep and personal level, and at the same time realize our connection to another time and place. Come join us in a storytelling circle.  We’ll explore our own mythic journeys and meet archetypes within the story and within ourselves. 

Split in Two? Discover the Power of your Paradox.
Using the steps from the book Paradoxical Thinking: How to Profit from Your Contradictions, this active workshop will help you identify your core paradox. Then we’ll explore how taking advantage of contradictory elements in oneself can lead to more effective living.
With this program you’ll:
         * Identify your core paradox.
         * Shift your perceptions about yourself.
         * Identify your high-performing and low-performing tendencies.
How Can I Serve? Discovering Your Noble Goal.
This short program uses exercises and discussion to explore your personal “mission statement” or “noble goal.” Since noble goals motivate, inspire, and help us navigate and make consistent choices, they are an invaluable aid to living.

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