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Laura’s Most Popular Presentations:

Using Emotional Intelligence Skills to Survive and Using Emotional Intelligence Skills to Survive and Thrive During Tough Conversations.

Prepare yourself to face difficult conversations with courage and confidence. Discover best practices in preparation and delivery of challenging content. Participants will:

  • Explore how basic Emotional Intelligence concepts of self-awareness, empathy, triggers, and hijacking can help or hinder us during emotional conversations. 
  • Recognize the many benefits of not avoiding, but instead “leaning into” challenging conversations. 
  • Understand and practice a proven 3-part method for conducting difficult conversations to produce good outcomes.
  • Explore different delivery habits that help and hinder communication including observation vs. evaluation, and owning vs. projecting a message. 

“Dynamic!  Vibrant.  Enthusiastic!

From Tanya Sutton, Crown Point Village

Dealing with Difficult Customers 

Do your employees face angry customers? 

This interactive workshop teaches concrete techniques to defuse customer anger.  Participants will learn ways to calm customers and avoid behaviors or language that might escalate conflict.  By the end of this session participants will: 

  • Understand both the emotional and practical needs of our customers.
  • Recognize verbal "baits" and how to handle them.
  • Use the CARP technique to manage angry customers:  (control, acknowledge, refocus and problem solve).
  • Explore self-talk and its role in our behavior with customers. 
  • Understand the difference between confrontational and cooperative language.
  • Practice 7 tactics for regaining control of an escalating conflict with a customer.


“She demonstrates a mastery of her topic….

David S. Newkirk, Sargento Foods Inc.


Fearless, Dynamic Speaking 

This fun, interactive workshop will transform the way you see speaking to a group. Learn to harness your natural abilities and style. You can excel and enjoy public speaking!

  • Change nervousness into an energized presentation.
  • Organize your ideas.
  • Create a powerful, charismatic presence
  • Develop a voice with authority.
  • Discover how to use PowerPoint to engage audiences.
  • Use storytelling to make your presentations come alive.
  • Eliminate vocal fillers.
  • Learn to deliver content without memorizing.

“...inspiring and thought provoking…”

Bob Skrocki, DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church


Storytelling for Your Job Search or Career Advancement 

The human brain craves and is hard-wired for stories.  According to researchers Prentice and Gerrig, our brains are built to process information from stories.  This explains why simply listing accomplishments or skills during an interview is less effective than telling an illustrative story.  A powerful story can help interviewers remember you favorably for days, weeks, or even months after the interview.  By practicing “accomplishment stories” (describing a situation, our actions, and the results), job seekers not only become more memorable, they also build empathy and a deeper understanding in the interviewer.

This workshop will explore:  

  • Converting nervousness into energy.
  • Best practices-- verbal/nonverbal elements.
  • Identifying our most dreaded interview questions.
  • Identifying stories to address these questions.


"a day well spent..."  Sandy Babin, VP Marketing, Apple Vacations


AnchorWhere Does the Time Go? Principles in Time Management. 
What would you do with an extra hour each day?
Using video clips, discussion, quizzes, and small group activities, this program provides current theory and practical tips to transform your habits and help you utilize your time more effectively. Workshop objectives:

  • Identifying time wasters.
  • Recognizing goals and setting priorities.
  • Creating effective "to-do" lists.
  • Matching energy levels to tasks.
  • Dealing with interruptions like drop-in visitors, telephone calls, and emails.
  • Overcoming procrastination.
  • Managing time in crisis situations.
  • Learning to work in “flow.”
  • Balancing work and personal life.
  • Working smarter, not harder!


“…Laura is extremely compassionate and dedicated…”

Joyce Daley, College of Dupage


 “Laura is the complete package...... She has the knowledge, enthusiasm and creativity….

Deb Keisler  Director, Massage Therapy Program, Elgin Community College

“ was great….”Jim Garrett, Manager, Colonial Cafes


You can listen to Laura talk about Emotional Intelligence here.

Here are some short youtube clips of Laura in action.

Beginning a presentation for HR professionals.

Questions/answers and brief exercise for library professionals.

Opening and closing moments --presentation on nonverbal communication.


Laura Lewis-Barr has spent 15 years helping adults communicate more effectively, understand their emotions, lead with authenticity, and discover their own creative genius.  Laura has worked in a variety of sectors and levels of personnel including:  Vice Presidents and managers at Sargento Foods, t Chase, AOL, Toyota, Pepsi, Sears, and many other small and large companies. 

Laura began graduate studies in Counseling Psychology but eventually returned to the theatre and earned a Masters Degree in Performing Arts. Using her extensive theatre background, Laura creates lively keynote speeches and training workshops.  Laura is a Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Certified trainer and a certified trainer through Development Dimensions International and Achieve Global.  She is also an award winning writer.